Rennie Grove Hospice Care & The Pepper Foundation

Rennie Grove Hospice Care and The Pepper Foundation have been working in partnership for over 3 decades to ensure that families in Bucks and Herts have access to children’s hospice at home care.

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Working in partnership

Rennie Grove Hospice Care and The Pepper Foundation have a long-standing relationship and a shared commitment to a common goal — to make sure there is always access to Children’s Hospice at Home care for any family in our catchment area in Bucks and West Herts that should need it. Our charities work in partnership to ensure children with life-limiting conditions can enjoy the best quality of life possible.

The Pepper Foundation helped establish the Children’s Hospice at Home service in the early 1990s by providing funding for the first children’s nurse. Since then, The Pepper Foundation has raised and donated over £5 million to support the service and the relationship between The Pepper Foundation and Rennie Grove Hospice Care has flourished; there is now a full team of specialist nurses, healthcare assistants and play specialists providing holistic care for over 50 families at any one time.  Our charities also work together to provide activities for families, such as social events and days out.


Raising Funds

The Pepper Foundation takes responsibility for raising funds needed to operate the Children’s Hospice at Home service provided by Rennie Grove Hospice Care.  With its own brand, The Pepper Foundation has a successful, well-established, community-focused fundraising programme which includes the annual flagship event, the Pepper Show, which was first staged in 1989 and provided the inspiration for the service.  Rennie Grove also raises funds to support the costs of the service.

The work Rennie Grove Hospice Care and The Pepper Foundation do together means that children and families have access to care and support in their own homes, and is available at no cost to the family. There is no other service like this in Bucks or West Herts.

At the heart of our relationship is a dedication to making a difference to the lives of children with life-limiting conditions and their families. 

The Children’s Hospice at Home service includes:

  • Specialist nursing care
  • Respite care
  • Play specialists


We look forward to continuing our work with Rennie Grove Hospice Care well into the future, ensuring that every family in Bucks and Herts has access to children’s hospice at home care, should they need it.