We wanted to share the details of a campaign that #TeamHerts are operating during this challenging time.  Please note that Pepper is not involved in the campaign but we wanted to share details on how we can support our local community during the Coronavirus outbreak.

#TeamHerts Volunteering is working in partnership with Hertfordshire County Council to collect the names and details of all those who are interested in volunteering to assist those affected by coronavirus.

Self-isolation can be a difficult and lonely time for many. Volunteering your time to offer some basic support can make this period a lot easier.

Volunteers can help by dropping off some groceries and picking up some essential supplies. Other roles include offering a friendly voice over the phone or even giving basic support in a care setting.

Follow the link below to fill out our quick and easy form. Your details will then be passed over to local organisations and community groups who have identified that they require extra support.

Click here!