Pepper Pots

pepper pots

For Pepper, raising sufficient funds each year to  keep the Paediatric nursing team operational 24 hours a day is an ongoing challenge.

You may like to consider having one of our home/office/shop Pepper Pot collection boxes for you to save any loose change on a regular basis.

It may be simply loose change to you, but you will be surprised at how quickly it can mount up over a just a few weeks or months, particularly in the work place.

Apply now for your Pepper Pot collection box!

We are happy to arrange collection or you can drop your collection box off at our office in Tring and we will empty it for you.

To apply for a Pepper Pot, simply contact Donna Hughes, Pepper Administration Support Manager, by email or call 01442 507324.

We also have Pepper collection buckets which can be used at fundraising events such as fetes, school fundraisers, sponsored events.  These are larger than the Pepper pots or collection boxes and are available from the Pepper Administration office on the number above.