Extreme Challenges

Extreme charity challenges come in all shapes and sizes, from feats of endurance to adrenaline-filled stunts and unforgettable adventures.  There is something for everyone to run, jump, paddle or hurl themselves out of!
An extreme physical challenge will capture everyone's imagination and the attention of those who may want to support you in raising funds for Pepper. Demonstrations of physical prowess - like a triathlon  - may garner the respect of your peers, but not nearly as much as running 250km across a desert, or throwing yourself out of a plane!
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Below you will find an example of a popular extreme challenge. click here for further examples of the range offered by Charity Challenge.

Please note that all of these experiences are sponsored events and participants are required to raise a minimum amount in order to take part.

volcano Avenue of the Volcanoes Challenge
Trek at high altitude in the Ecuadorian Andes
Climb Cotopaxi, the world's highest active volcano
Crampons & ropes for final glacier summit
Explore Quito, one of the world's highest cities
Optional shopping day at Otavalo Market

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