To help you get started with your fundraising we have produced two toolkits.  Simply select from the list below the one most appropriate for you.

Fundraising Toolkit
Fundraising Toolkit
Fundraising Toolkit Sponsored Event
Sponsored Event Toolkit

If you do not find what you are looking for in the toolkits, please do not hesitate to contact our Fundraising Team on 01442 507324 for any additional information or help.

Keeping it safe and legal

While you are planning your fundraising event you will obviously want to stay on the right side of the law - see our tips below to make sure that you do.
If you are organising a raffle remember that tickets CANNOT be sold by under 16's.  You need to apply to your local authority or council for a license for any public lottery or raffle. However, if it is a private event, for example if the tickets are sold to members of a private club or only to your work colleagues, then a license is not required.
If your event involves music and dancing a temporary events licence may be required.  If the event is deemed by the local authority to be for charity then it should provide the license required free of charge.  Contact your local authority for guidance.
You will need permission for alcohol to be sold at any event under the Licensing (Occasional Provisions) Act. It is possible for a local Landlord to apply for the license on your behalf and then run the bar for you at your event.
If you are designing a poster or giving out leaflets, it is very important you make sure Pepper's Charity Registration Number: 1056823 appears on all printed material and that you ask us for permission before using our logo.
The legal minimum age for collecting money is 16 except in London where it is 18 years of age. 
If you want to collect money in a private area, a local shopping centre or supermarket for instance, then you will must get the permission of the owner.   We do  not recommend that you raise money for your event by collecting on the street.  Street collections require a license from your local authority and it is illegal to collect money without the necessary licence.
If you are holding an event in a public area please make sure you are covered by the local authority public liability insurance and that you have the appropriate licences.  Please do not do anything unsafe or illegal.    If in doubt contact our fundraising team to discuss your idea and we can give you appropriate guidance.  
More information:
The Institute of Fundraising is an organisation whose objective is to promote the highest standards in fundraising in the UK. As part of this mission they have produced a code of practice which all event organisers and charities are encouraged to adhere to. This code of practice covers various aspects of event organisation including consideration to local residents, impact on the environment, gaining all necessary permissions and other organisational and fundraising matters. Experienced charity event organisers will adhere to these codes to ensure successful events for all those involved. Sensible and responsible events are the practice of good event organisers.