Wills and Legacies


Leave a gift in your will

Many people choose to use their will to remember not only family and friends but also to make a gift to charity. Without a will, the state may step in and distribute your estate in accordance with the law; this distribution may not be made the way you had expected. To make sure that your wishes are carried out, you need to make a will and keep it updated on a regular basis or whenever your circumstances change. There may also be tax advantages to making a will.

Gifts in wills are an important part of our income. Legacy gifts received from generous supporters can help to fund our work for many years after a donor's lifetime.  We can only do this with your help. You can continue to support our young patients into the future by remembering The Pepper Foundation in your will.

Please, if you can, and after making provision for your family and friends, do consider leaving a legacy to Pepper.  Any sum given, however large or small, will be used effectively for the benefit of local children with serious illnesses.

Different ways to leave a legacy

You can leave a lump sum or a percentage of your estate (or a mixture of both) to the people you choose or to your favourite charity. You can also put money in trust for your dependents' futures, leave shares and annuities or leave specific items such as jewellery or furniture.

Making a will need not be complicated or expensive but it is important that it is done properly as it is a legal document. Solicitors are able to help, but there are also professional will writing companies and individuals who may offer a more cost-effective alternative for people whose affairs are straightforward.

Contact us

If you are considering leaving a legacy to The Pepper Foundation please contact us on 01442 507324 or email dhughes@pepper.org.uk