Cerys’ Story

“Our daughter Cerys is a gorgeous little girl who loves horse riding, unicorns, stroking animals and anything that glitters and makes a noise. She is fun, sociable and has such a unique smile. She makes me and her father Lee very proud.

“Cerys came into our lives in July 2012, just a few days before London celebrated the start of the Olympic Games. It was supposed to be the start of a beautiful summer and life as a family for us. We were all set and prepared. The birth was a good one and how Mother Nature intended.

“Our lives were irreversibly changed.”

“But then newborn Cerys was left without oxygen for 35 minutes, and our lives were irreversibly changed.

“Cerys sustained profound brain damage during this time with a diagnosis of severe Cerebral Palsy. She can’t walk or stand unaided, but she is starting to sit independently for short periods of time. Her biggest issue is the inability to swallow, which means she can’t eat or drink or speak. She requires regular suction to keep her throat and chest clear and she is tube-fed. She requires 24/7 care to meet her health needs and to keep her safe.

“A lifeline for our family.”

“The nursing team that The Pepper Foundation help to fund has been a lifeline for us. They have provided us with a weekly respite session at home during which Cerys has lots of fun playing, reading books and going for walks etc.

“These magic three hour long visits help us to get some breathing space, to simply have a break and the chance to have a moment to oneself. And always with the comforting thought that Cerys is having a fun time and is well looked after.

“If times are tough, one of the nursing team will visit more than once a week. They also give emotional support via the phone or text – just as a really good friend would, with the difference that they seem to know and understand what is really going on. To know you are not walking this path alone is so comforting.

“On behalf of all the other families, I would like to extend a big THANK YOU for your generosity and love when you support The Pepper Foundation. It means the world to us.” – Julia, Cerys’ Mum.


You can donate to the Pepper Foundation to help us fund this vital care for more children like Cerys. 

P.S. The Pepper Foundation receives no government funding, and relies solely on the generosity of our local community to help us fund this vital service for over 50 families in Bucks and Herts. Any donation – no matter how big or small – will make a huge difference. Thank you.