Charleigh’s Story

When the nursing team first visited Charleigh, she was in bed and hiding under a blanket – her mum Michelle said she does not like meeting new people. Only a few months ago, Charleigh suffered a spinal stroke and spent eight weeks in an Oxford hospital, during which time she contracted meningitis, followed by a bought of flu.

This was an incredibly worrying time for Charleigh’s family. Her mum was desperate to get her daughter home, surrounded by her family and her favourite toys for comfort.

The nursing team were a lifeline to Michelle during this time

Thankfully, Charleigh has now been home for three weeks, but it means Mum has become her full-time carer. Charleigh needs a lot of care and attention, and with three other siblings, you can only imagine how much Michelle was juggling. The nursing team were a lifeline to Michelle during this time. They helped with tasks like entertaining Michelle’s other children as respite, to personal care like assisting in washing Charleigh’s beautiful long hair while Mum has had an arm injury. This made a huge difference to the family’s life.

We are so pleased to say that Charleigh is recovering really well – and is going to have a gradual start back into her school next week. Mum says she will love being back and she’ll struggle to get her home!