Children's Hospice at Home - Supporting families this Christmas

At Christmas, families deserve to be at home, enjoying special time together and making memories.

But for those caring for a child with complex healthcare needs, unplanned hospital visits can be a regular occurrence; unfortunately, these visits happen at Christmas too and no family should have to spend their Christmas in a hospital. Help us keep families together at home this festive season.


What this means for real families – watch the video

Find how the children’s hospice at home service that we fund helps real families caring for children with life-limiting conditions.

Meet three of the families that receive care from the children’s team: Charlene, Neville and Twyla, Emily and Ivy, and Shailza and Riley.

No family should be spending Christmas in hospital.

At Christmas families deserve to be at home, enjoying special time together. But for those caring for a child with a life-limiting or life-threatening condition, unplanned hospital visits can be a regular, traumatic experience.

However, with the right care, emergency admissions don’t have to be inevitable. Children’s hospice at home care provides those families with access to specialist nursing (and much more) in their own homes.

The Pepper Foundation raises funds for children’s hospice at home nursing care. We want to make sure that every family who needs specialist or end of life care for their child can do this in the comfort of their own home.  

Over the festive season the children’s hospice at home team will be there for families with the support and guidance that makes quality time together at home possible. No other service like it exists in Bucks or Herts.

Help families like Shailza and Riley continue to receive the care they deserve this festive season.

So let’s keep them home this Christmas!

At The Pepper Foundation, we raise vital funds to keep children with life limiting conditions at home with their families where they belong! The Childrens Hospice at Home Service that we fund ensures that families and children (like those in our video) can get the specialised nursing support & play therapy that they need to keep the joy alive this Christmas!

  • £10 can go towards equipment needed to support these families.
  • £30 can provide 1 hour of nursing care to a family that needs it.
  • £50 can provide a play session within a child’s home to keep their spirits up this Christmas.
  • £250 can provide a whole day of nursing care to a family that needs it

By donating to the Pepper Foundation, you are ensuring that we can continue to fund this service, bringing support, comfort and hope to those who need it this Christmas.