As the country begins looking beyond the pandemic and to what the future holds, the Pepper Foundation too has taken time to look at what we do, how we contribute to our community, and what our own future looks like. 

Until now, our work in the community has been summarised in the Pepper Foundation logo as “Raising funds for children’s hospice at home”. While this statement is still relevant and the core purpose of our charity, it does not articulate the fullness of what we do, or what our ambitions are. 

We have made the decision to update our promise to the community from “Raising funds for children’s hospice at home” to “Supporting families & children’s hospice care at home”. This better reflects who we are and what our focus is as a charity. 

As well as fundraising for children’s hospice at home care, we work closely with our partner Rennie Grove Hospice Care, and fully embrace a commitment to helping children and their families to live as full lives as possible.


Mission Statement and Values

Our promise is also reflected in the new Pepper Foundation mission statement:

“Our mission is to raise funds to support families and children’s hospice care at home for children with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions in Herts and Bucks.”

Alongside our new mission statement, we have also introduced a new set of values that reflect who we are, what our charity does, and the traits that are common to the amazing people that work and volunteer for the Pepper Foundation. We have defined our values as:

  • Caring
  • Community
  • Creative
  • Passionate
  • Trustworthy

You can find more about our new mission statement and values here.


A message from our Board of Trustees about the change

“Over a challenging 18 months, the service that we fund has adapted to the times, but still maintained safe, flexible and responsive support for children in need of hospice at home care. As we look to what feels like a more positive future, now feels like the right time for the Pepper Foundation to reaffirm its purpose and commitment.

Supporting children and their families is at the heart of what we do, and our new promise, values, and mission emphasises our dedication to that cause. We believe children’s hospice at home care should be accessible to any family in our community; we will continue fundraising and working with our partner, Rennie Grove Hospice Care, to ensure that this vital service is always available to any family that needs it.”