Angela Tillotson and her daughter Megan, 7, are both having their beautifully long hair cut for donations to the Pepper Foundation!

The duo will also donate the hair to another charity who make wigs for children undergoing cancer treatments.

They chose to raise funds for The Pepper Foundation as Megan’s cousin Lily, aged 6, is currently receiving hospice at home care from the nursing team Pepper help to fund.

Angela said:

“We chose to raise money for the Pepper Foundation because they’ve been amazing with our niece, Lily and her family. Lily was diagnosed with both Hydranencephly and Cerebral Palsy. She was given just six months to live by doctors but she turned six years old in March!

“Ever since Lily was discharged from hospital at one month old, she has had her wonderful nurse Jane visit her every week. Lily’s Mum Sienna always talks about how helpful Jane is. Her Dad, Anthony, is often out at work so having Jane free her up a few hours a day to go out shopping or do some jobs, or even now just to spend some quality time with her young son Riley is really important for them. It gives her the comfort to do these things knowing that Jane knows Lily so well and not only knows her needs, but is trained to deal with them too.

“Because we know how much Lily and her family appreciate the Pepper Foundation and the Children’s Hospice at Home nursing team – we also know just how important they will be to so many other families, too.”

Seven-year-old Megan has never been to the hairdressers before as she adores her long hair, but once she knew she could help others by getting the cut, she jumped at the chance to help children like her cousin Lily.

Mum Angela explains:

“She’s feeling a bit nervous about the haircut as she has never had more than a trim before. It was only when I asked her if she would like to send her hair, like I did in 2018, to a charity that she agreed to get it cut!

“It was then that she mentioned Lily, her cousin and I asked if she wanted to raise money too so she can help two charities and she got very excited.”

To help Megan feel brave enough to go through with this amazing fundraiser, Mum also agreed to get her hair cut, too. She is understandably extremely proud of her daughter:

“It fills me with love! She is mischievous and loud and bouncy and giddy – but she has the biggest heart and I think it has a lot to do with Lily.”

Mum and Megan were hoping to raise £150 for the Pepper Foundation, but they have already exceeded that target! Megan is looking forward to seeing how much the generous public will donate for her cousin Lily.

This is what our superstar fundraiser Megan had to say:

“I’m having my hair cut and I’m raising money for people that help Lily because she move much and it’s hard for her to speak. I am also donating my hair for charity so then people that don’t have hair can have hair because my hair will grow long again.

“Thank you to everyone who is helping Lily by giving money to my hair cut.”

What a hero Megan is to take on such a brave fundraiser for her cousin Lily and other children. The chop is happening on Friday 20 September so please donate what you can to her fundraiser.Thank you Angela and Megan! We cannot wait to see the after photos.