Pepper Panda on Tour!

The Pepper Panda is on tour and they’d like to visit your school!

Find out more about the Panda on Tour and how you can help the Pepper Foundation by downloading one of our information packs.

Panda on Tour for schoolsPanda on Tour for Parents & Children

If you see Pepper Panda don’t forget to wave!

Pepper Panda on tour in 2023 & 2024!

The Pepper Panda is on tour! We are looking forward to bringing the Pepper ‘Kindness Challenge’ to schools in Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire to spread awareness about the Pepper Foundation and how important kindness and inclusivity is.

By choosing to take part in Panda on Tour, not only are you teaching the children in your setting the importance of including everybody, but you are also helping us to raise vital funds for The Pepper Foundation. The Kindness Challenge asks your children to spend 7 days finding something kind to do each day!

The Pepper team will also be talking about how the Pepper Foundation helps to support for local families who are caring for children with life-limiting and terminal illnesses. Pepper works in partnership with Rennie Grove Peace Hospice who provide this service, thanks to Pepper’s funding.

The service includes specialised nursing care, play specialists, and respite care. The service also provides bereavement support. As you can imagine, this is an invaluable service for any family struggling to manage the care requirements for a child with a life-limiting condition. Support is provided is within the comfort of their own homes, which means these children are able to be at home surrounded by their families and spend time with their siblings instead spending time in hospital.

Pepper Panda is always happy to meet new people!

How can my school get involved?

We have tried to make it as easy as possible for schools and settings to get involved; we know how busy it gets trying to manage everything when it comes to children’s activities and fundraising. To make it easier for you, you just need to set a date with us, set up your school or setting’s online fundraising page and let us do the rest!

On the Enthuse page, you just need to set up and ‘create team’; please use the name of your setting as your team name. When the children create their fundraising pages, it will feed into yours and you will be able to see how much you have raised as a setting, as well as how much each child has raised.


Set up your fundraising page