Case Studies

Find out about some of the families that have received care from the Children’s Hospice at Home Team that the Pepper Foundation helps to fund.

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Every year, The Pepper Foundation and the Children’s Hospice at Home service managed by Rennie Grove Hospice Care help between 50 and 60 families. Every child’s healthcare needs are different, and every family has different circumstances to take into consideration. The nursing team provides services that meet the unique care requirements of each patient.

These are some of the stories from families we have helped.

Taylor and his mum Michelle

Taylor (3) was born in May 2020 with activated PI3K delta syndrome (APDS), a rare auto-immune condition affecting just one person in every million. It means Taylor’s immune system is compromised and can’t protect him from illness and infection as well as it should.

Children’s Hospice at Home nurse Sarah and the charity’s Play Specialist Karen visit the family every month at home. Sarah reviews Taylor’s condition from a clinical perspective, while Karen does a play session with him. Find out more about Taylor and Michelle. 



Fran and Ahnie’s story

As a foster carer, Fran first met and cared for Ahnie when he was a baby. When he became eligible for adoption aged 20 months, Fran didn’t hesitate. She knew Ahnie had nystagmus, which affected his sight. He’d developed this around nine months, but it wasn’t until he turned two that a series of tests highlighted that he was severely sight impaired.

It was during this time that a health visitor referred the family to Rennie Grove’s children’s service. Find out more about Fran and Ahnie’s story.



James’ Story

With two young sons – James, three years and Samuel, 15 months – life for Rachel and Paul Lockyer was just like that of every other family with a lively toddler and a new baby – hectic and happy.

But things changed dramatically one day that led to both James and Samuel being diagnosed with an exceptionally rare medical condition that transformed the lives of the whole family.



Sienna’s Story

Six-year-old Sienna is a feisty, confident, outgoing girl. She was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at an early age. Sienna’s mum, Mel, tells us all about their story.



Max’s Story: Children’s Hospice at Home Care During Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic has been a difficult period for everyone, but for Karen and John shielding six-year-old Max, it has come with additional challenges. Along with their two-year-old daughter, Martha, they have adapted to a new way of life and cared for their son differently. John has been working from home during this period while Karen has been furloughed.



Aayushi’s story: Supporting families during lockdown

Lockdown has been a difficult time for most of us with normality thrown out the window, but for Shambhavi and her family the situation became even more difficult when their daughter, Aayushi, became ill in March just at the time when many services were being put on hold.



Jack’s story

Helen and Simon’s son Jack, aged 5, suffered brain injury at birth and is unable to walk, talk, sit unaided or see. Mum Helen tells us Jack’s story and how she could not do without the help of the Children’s Hospice at Home Team that The Pepper Foundation helps to fund.



Cerys’ story

During birth, Cerys was left without oxygen for 35 minutes and sustained profound brain injury during this time, with a diagnosis of severe Cerebral Palsy. Find out how the Children’s Hospice at Home nursing team helped Julia, Cerys’ mum, and their family.